Mishayla Van Ry has always loved art, design, and stories. As a kid, she developed a voracious reading habit and a knack for collecting art supplies. To finance her need for books and creative workshops, Mishayla worked for an event management firm where design, creativity, and organization were essential to her position.

Today, Mishayla fuels her creativity through graphic design, digital illustration, and writing. She’s a recent graduate from Langara College with a diploma in Digital and Print Publishing. There, she learned how to merge her creative endeavours by developing key skills used in today’s publishing industry. While attending Langara, Mishayla became the Art Director and later a Web Designer for the 2020 issue of PRM magazine. (www.langaraprm.com) She illustrated the cover of the magazine, lead the art team, designed editorial spreads, and created website mock ups for the front-end developers. Additionally, Mishayla wrote a business profile titled “Scien-tea-fic!” that was published in the magazine. The article highlights the innovation of Michelle Chueng, owner of Paragon Tea House.

Mishayla is eager to use her passion for storytelling and creativity alongside her technical abilities and project management skills to craft solutions for clients. She is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and would love to connect with you about your graphic design and creative needs.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

Maya Angelou